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Sunrise Netball Club

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In 1979, St Gregory’s and Sacred Heart schools began playing in the new Queanbeyan local junior competition.

In 1982, our Club was formed by Pat Skien and Lorna Cullen with the name Aquarian Club. We were then zoned to St Gregory’s School. Zoning no longer exists but we still have a close association with St Gregory’s school. Our colours were royal blue & gold and remain the same today in a new more modern uniform.

In 1983/84, Robert Woodrow, husband of then President Myrene, obtained sponsorship from the Buttercup Bakery. We then became Buttercup Club.

In 1987, we obtained additional sponsorship from Scandia Pools. We became Scandia-Buttercup.
This sponsor supplied all our players with a screen printed shirt. It ceased in 1988. We then became Buttercup again.

In 1993, the Buttercup sponsorship ended. Then President Elaine Clift and Registrar Pat Skien
realised we needed a Club name and for it not to be named after a sponsor. A competition in the junior ranks saw the contest won by 9years Belinda Johnson with the name and logo of Sunrise Netball club being created.

in 1994 senior player Michelle Rakowski obtained sponsorship from local Amcal Pharmacy. 

We continue to enter junior and senior teams in the local  Queanbeyan competition.  In 2018 we have 12 junior teams and 3 senior teams.

We have 6 life members, Pat Skien, Elaine Clift, Kathy Fahey , Pauline Caldwell, Catherine Clift and Kerri Johnston. Pat Skien and Elaine Clift  both have Queanbeyan Netball association life membership.

Longest serving official – Pat Skien 1982 – 2011.
Longest serving player – Naomi Mynott 1987 – 2010     

Original members – Elaine Clift and Catherine Clift 1982 – 2021


‘In 2021 Sunrise will celebrate 39 Years as Club ’

Our club provides competitive and social netball opportunities for all participantsumpire or coach, and welcome all ages and levels of experience and ability.

Our club values friendship, community spirit, teamwork and respect to all members – from our volunteers to our umpires and parents.

Our Volunteers and Life Members are active and engaged members in our organisation, and we are grateful and thankful for their outstanding contributions to the development of netball with us. Without their support we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!

Our Club - Celebrating 40 years

Trudie Moraschi

Trudie Moraschi


Catherine Clift

Catherine Clift

Vice President

Cindy Crowe

Cindy Crowe

Coaching Coordinator

Kelly Lolesio

Kelly Lolesio


Our Committee

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